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I'm a Cincinnati girl with a passion to help others see their beauty and potential. ​I am a photographer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Target enthusiast and I am adding more to this list every day! I would love to grab coffee and learn about what sparks your fire. If you'd like to learn more about my journey, set up a doggie play date, or just chat about life, send me a message! If you'd like to know more about me, well you're in the right place... just keep scrolling! 

I'm Caitlin Chrisenée

bucket list


Launch a podcast


Buy a house


Learn how to play guitar


Travel to Europe


Publish a book


Go skydiving


Learn sign language 


Vacation in Colorado


Host a photography workshop


Go to the Ellen DeGeneres Show



My love of photography started when I was 14. I discovered that I was able to capture my little brother's youthful character through my lens. Since then, I have loved exploring new styles and techniques in order to showcase my subject's personality through my art.  I love to capture the genuine moments you experience in your life. My favorite images are those which were not intended such as when I catch you mid-laugh, that moment when you look at someone you love and can't help but smile, or when your little one reaches a milestone during the shoot! I love to make sessions personal. Whether it's at a coffee shop, a living room, or a park I strive to create images that are unique and special to you that you can look back. I'm basically a professional third wheel. 


favorite things

Hi my name is Caitlin Chowdoyouprouncounceyourname?

My parents, Mark Christopher and Michelle Renée, met when they were in high school and grew up in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. All they really had available for date nights was a beautiful night of star gazing. One night, just like any other middle-of-nowhere Ohio couple would do, they decided to name a star. They combined their middle names and Chrisenée was born! I came along a few years later and they thought either I would love it or I would hate it but they definitely never expected it would become my business name.

Christopher + Renée = 


fun fact!

The sketch of the Lily of the Valley that's in my logo was drawn by my Grandma and is tattooed on me and my cousin! Read more about the story behind my tattoo in my blog

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