Did you know that taking the pictures is only half of the work? Presets are a game changer and they are a great way to find your own style and experiment with your work. I encourage you to watch the magic happen as you apply the preset and then adjust it and work with it to make it your own! Over the years I have had so much fun figuring out my editing style and I am so excited to share some of my favorite presets with you! Setting them up doesn't take long at all and in the end it will save you so much time. To make it even easier for you.... I'm going to take you step by step and help you take your pictures to the next level!

What you will need:

Adobe Lightroom CC- This is a free app but you will need an Adobe account.

Presets- You can download my FREE presets HERE and check out the other Caitlin Chrisenee Lightroom Presets HERE!

Unzip & Dropbox - Almost all presets, including my own, are delivered via dropbox and come in a zip file so it will be useful to download "Unzip" and "Dropbox" onto your phone

Pictures. Obviously!


  1. Upload your unzipped presets with .dng files to your cloud storage. I personally use Dropbox

2. Open Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mobile

3. Click on the (...) Button and choose the Add Photos option

4. Choose the location on your phone (like dropbox) where you downloaded and unzipped CCP Presets ( .dng files)

5. Double click on the Preset .dng file you would like to apply to your pictures. The .dng file will install in Lightroom Mobile

6. Choose the .dng file you have installed and then click on the (...) button and copy settings

7. Click on Select All, then unselect the Crop setting which is under the tools category and click the check mark

8. Choose the picture you would like to edit

9. Click on the (...) button and paste settings

10. Once the preset is applied, adjust and play around with the settings to warm up or cool down the image so it fit's your style. As you can see below, I warmed up the image a bit and bumped up the exposure a little bit!

BONUS!! If you would like to save the preset so you do not have to copy and paste the edits every time you edit an image, you can save the preset to the preset folder.

When you open up the .dng file, click the (...) button and select create preset. From there you can rename it, select different settings you want saved, and you're all set! If you want to tweak it and adjust the white balance, you can create multiple presets based off of the CCP 2020 Preset as well.

I hope you enjoy taking your pictures to the next level, I can't wait to see what you do with my presets! Tag #CaitlinChriseneePresets for a chance to be featured! (and so I can see your beautiful shots!!)