What happens if it rains?

I'm used to Ohio's unpredictable weather so I am very flexible. If it rains we can either grab the umbrella, find an indoor location or we can reschedule. I also know of a gorgeous studio space that we can book if it is available. I want you to be as comfortable as possible so if you are worried about the heat, humidity, or rain send me a message and we can work to find the best option for you! Your deposit will be put towards the rescheduled session.

When will I see sneak peeks?

I will send you sneak peels within 48 hours of your session!

How long will it take to receive the gallery?

Depending on what season we are in, I will send you your full gallery 3-4 weeks after your session. I will send you a link via e-mail to your gallery where you can download the images to any device.

How many pictures will I receive?

You can learn more about each package under the investment tab where I break down how many photos are delivered with each session type but it ranges from 50-200. I definitely over deliver and you will most likely recieve more than promised!

Are prints included in the package?

Prints are not included in senior session packages, however I do offer print packages that can be ordered directly through your gallery link!

Can I bring my friend?

Yes!! I encourage you to bring whoever you want to your session! They can even jump in a few pictures. If you would prefer to come alone, that's fine as well! I recommend doing what you feel will make you be the most comfortable!

Can I bring my dog?

YES!!! Please bring your dog! Just bring lots of treats and a person who can watch them for the remainder of your session. It also depends on where we decide to go for your session, some locations may not allow dogs.