Hi, I am Caitlin

My day starts with a lot of iced coffee and almost always ends with a bowl of ice cream, preferably rainbow sherbet or black raspberry chip. I live with my husband, Andrew, and our two dogs, Bash and Trooper and I am obsessed with them. So if you ask to bring your dog along for your shoot, the answer will always be yes! I was born and raised in Cincinnati and I have all of my favorite spots but there are still so many local businesses, coffee shops, and ice cream parlors I have yet to explore, and more and more are popping up every day! My middle name, Chrisenée, is a combination of my mom's middle name, Renée, and my dad's middle name, Christopher. I always said it would make for a unique business name and if anything it was always my go-to "fun fact" at the start of each school year.

I fell in love with photography at a young age. There isn't a time during my childhood that I remember going without a camera in my hand. When my younger brothers were born, my mom gifted me with a disposable camera and a photo album to capture the exciting time. From then on out, I loved capturing every moment. Any time a friend would come over, it always turned into a photoshoot and any spare time I had was spent exploring the backyard and taking pictures of whatever I could find. As I got into high school, I started taking my friends senior pictures and before I knew it, this fun little side gig I had, turned into a full time business!

I am learning something new every day and that is the beauty of this career. For years I thought I wanted to be a teacher and I still have that passion to help others grow, so I am so excited to be offering mentor sessions now. I always knew I wanted to teach, I just wouldn't have imagined it would turn out like this.

If you'd like to learn a little bit more about me, you can read my blog here or let's grab some coffee sometime!

Capturing Memories

What is your favorite place in Cincinnati? Tell me when and where and I will be there, let's capture you authentically in your favorite city! You know what else I love? Cozying up at home with my boyfriend, and my doggos. Actually, it is what I prefer to do 80% of the time... so if you would rather stay in, wearing your leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, while jamming to music on the record player, I will come to you in your most comfortable environment.

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