It is truly a dream job to document love stories in every form. Whether it’s the love new parents have for their newborn or the look moms have when they realize their little girl is now a high school senior. The love of a freshly married couple who can’t keep their eyes off of each other and the couple who’s been married for 40+ years, I’m a sucker for it all. At a young age, I realized that I was able to capture my younger brother’s personality in a single image. It was a moment in time that I could hold onto forever. From then on, it became my mission to capture every narrative genuinely with my style of art that I have grown and developed over the past seven years.

I’m here to capture the perfectly un-perfect rainy day spent cuddled up with your loved ones because those are the real moments that you will hold onto forever. Together, we can create your future family heirlooms. Whether it’s your senior pictures that will be hanging on your parent’s walls for decades, or maybe it’s the wedding album that your children will pull off the shelf to admire, cherish, and pass onto their kids. In a world that seems like its continually speeding up every day, I can help you take the time to slow down and put a pause button on the moments that can’t be put into words. 

“Caitlin Chrisenee has both a playful style, as well as serious technical skills — ensuring that her shots are both artistic and fun. Her shots are dynamic, incorporating a sense of motion or a clever angle to draw the eye, so you will never be bored of browsing through her work. She is able to walk the line between making a spontaneous moment feel polished and making a posed shot feel natural, ideal when you want the real moments to look their absolute best. Her natural editing — crisp but never overdone — adds to her artistic yet fun-loving style. In short, Caitlin is a talented, timeless, yet completely modern photographer.”

Peerspace, 2019

"Holy wow. Caitlin did our engagement and wedding pictures. I loved the engagement photos, but our wedding photos turned out absolutely phenomenal and were exactly what I wanted!!! When I was first looking for wedding photographers, I had a specific style in mind and could tell from the photos Caitlin had already taken of others that she was the one. She was great to work with, very professional, and made sure to capture every detail."

Kasey S., 2019

"Caitlin took my daughter's senior photos, and they're amazing! The shoot was so much fun and Caitlin made my daughter comfortable in front of the camera. She had so many creative ideas and happily incorporated our French bulldog into a few shots. The pictures are so unique and beautiful, and you can see Caitlin's talent in every photo she takes."

Sharon, K., 2019