Pixieset has had my back for five years now and I have loved watching this platform grow over the years. I started using it when I wanted to switch from mailing USBs in 2015 and to digitally deliver galleries. I loved the sleek and professional look of the galleries. My clients have been so impressed with the look of their galleries and it keeps my sessions organized. It is easy to order pictures and clients can create favorites lists and communicate with me directly on the photo. Over the years, they have added the option to sell products through their galleries with multiple labs as options. Clients are able to customize and design holiday, wedding, graduation and birthday cards, how cool is that!? aaaand drum roll please... They have added the feature of WEBSITES! Hello! You're reading this on a Pixieset website. I was SO excited when I found out they were coming out with this feature. I absolutely love my website and how professional it looks and it is so incredibly easy to use. There are a few features missing that I feel are missing but I have shared them with the company and I get responsive feedback every time and I am told they are working on it. It's become a company that I have grown to love and trust and I look forward to what they come out with next. I am so happy with my experience with Pixieset and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a way to deliver images or looking for a clean and easy website.

One of my favorite features is that I can link my Pixieset account to Adobe Lightroom and upload galleries directly from lightroom to pixieset. This comes in handy when I need to go in and touch up something in a picture. I can edit it in lightroom, hit publish and it is automatically added to the gallery.

If you sign up through my link, you can receive a bonus 250MB added to your 3GB of free storage!!


Honeybook took me a while to get used to and get the hang of, I think that is only because I was overwhelmed with everything it could do! But it has been a game changer in my business and helped keep track of contracts, communication, and templates. It has been a life saver through this pandemic and helped keep all of my contracts in order. They even provided templates and help for every step of the way. They are adding more and more features every few months!

You can get 50% off your first year when you use my link to sign up!! So you'll be saving $200... That's a lot


Just like most photographers, I do the majority of my editing in Lightroom! I use the mobile version on my phone to edit my personal images and the desktop version for my shoots. You can learn how to download lightroom presets here!


This program has been a complete game changer in my editing process. It has sped it up x10 and I can't even imaging culling through images in lightroom ever again! It is a program that speeds up the culling process by increasing the rendering time of the image. The best part is that you are able to start sorting through your images while they are still backing up onto your computer. You can drag your selected images directly into Lightroom and you are ready to start editing!

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity was the first program I used when I started scheduling sessions online and I have yet to switch. I love how clients can view my availability and schedule their sessions easily. It syncs to all of my other calendars and keeps me so organized!

Here is my landing page for clients to book a session if you would like to see what it looks like.



My favorite app ever! Unscripted has poses and prompt ideas for every type of session. They also have amazing guides that tell you what camera setting to use for different scenarios.

Use the code "CaitlinChrisenee" for $20 off when you purchase a subscription!


Plann allows you to layout your Instagram feed ahead of time and see how you would like it to look. You can rearrange your posts, save images, and save haghtags. It's now available through desktop so I like to upload all of my images from my computer and plan out my feed all on my desktop and post from my phone.

Get a $10 credit when you purchase a plan!


I recently stumbled upon zazzle and I am always a sucker for business cards so I was so excited to find this company. They are one of the more reasonably priced options and they have super cute designs.

60% off cards and 20% off site wide!


After a few years of searching, I have finally found soundstripe for all of my audio needs! I love their music, playlists, and how clean and well designed the website is. The best part is that it can be integrated into Premiere Pro so I can download the sounds I want directly into the project.

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I am a sucker for continuous learning so when I discovered Skillshare, I was in heaven! You can learn basically anything you want to learn. It has come in use so much during quarantine and I've learned more about my Cricut, Quickbooks, Taxes, and more! They are giving you 2 months of premium free for you to fill up with knowledge y clicking the link below!

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