It's not every day you have a photoshoot where you are the main attention, and out in public for that matter! So I know how nerve-wracking it seems. Almost every session, I hear " I have no clue how to pose myself!" Unless you model for a living, not a lot of people do know how to pose themselves! And that is why I am here, I will walk you through every single pose during our time together. The more we move, the more natural the photos look and feel, so we will be doing a lot of walks and twirls and a bunch of movement!

On your questionnaire, I have a question that asks for your favorite song, artist, or album. I ask this so I can put together a playlist for your shoot based on your music choice! We kick off the session with your favorite song and we spend the next hour or two dancing and bopping around having the best senior session ever!

You're booked!

Now what?


Take a look at our Instagram and Pinterest to narrow down the style of the location you are drawn towards. Once you have an idea of what you like, we will talk about different options and pick the perfect spot for your shoot!

Picking Out Your Outfits

You know your style best, and this is your opportunity to let yourself shine! I have put together a Pinterest board and amazon list of my favorite outfits that photograph well, but I encourage you to wear what makes you feel good. Do you know when you put on an outfit, and you feel instantly confident? I recommend picking outfits like that! Ones that you feel comfortable and confident in; the last thing you want to feel during your session is discomfort or feeling self-conscious. You can always send me different options for my opinion!

When picking out your outfit, think about the location and where we will be. Would you wear a dress and heels to the park? Probably not, so maybe we can head downtown instead!

What To Wear

  • Outfits that you feel comfortable in and accentuate your best assets
  • Clothes that fit the season we are shooting in
  • Layers! I LOVE jackets and anything to switch up your look easily
  • Clothing that you can move around in
  • A variety of outfit styles- feel free to switch it up so you don't have all dresses, jeans, etc.
  • Clean shoes that match each outfit
  • Accessories- hats, jewelry, or handbags!

What Not To Wear

  • Wrinkled clothing
  • Dresses, skirts, shorts that reveal too much when moving and posing. I will have you skip and twirl, so be mindful of how it will look when you move.
  • Too many outfits of the same style, pattern, or color
  • Dirty or worn-down shoes

General Tips:

  • Iron or steam all of your clothes and bring them on hangers and a garment bag
  • Try your outfits on beforehand and strike a few poses in the mirror to see how it looks from different angles.
  • Pick out your outfits in advance! The last thing you want to be on the day of your session is stressed, especially about your outfit choices.
  • Parents- I always offer for you to jump in a few shots and get a picture with your senior so I recommend wearing something that you would like to be photographed in! It's always nice to have a professional image of the two of you together, especially during such an exciting time in their life!

Do your nails

Believe it or not, it's that little thing that can tie the whole picture together, especially when your hands are framing your face! Even if you do not want to paint them or have any color, I recommend getting a basic manicure and cleaning them up.

Practice In The Mirror

This is my secret trick to coming up with new poses! I love standing in the mirror, turning on some music, and striking pose after pose. That way, I can see what angles and poses are most flattering. There's no judgment because it's just my dogs and me! I will pose you during your session, but most poses will come naturally from movement and walking. So this is the perfect way to feel confident going into your session and knowing your body and what is most flattering to you.

Pamper Yourself, You Deserve It!

It's not every day you get to have a photo shoot of yourself so take the time to treat yourself! Whatever that means to you! Put on some lotion, get your hair and makeup done, and drink lots of water the day before!

If you don't like wearing a lot of makeup, moisturizer and chapstick can go a long way and make your skin look its best in the camera!

What To Bring To Your Session

  • Lipgloss, lipstick, or chapstick
  • Powder and any makeup for touchups
  • Undergarments - this is the most common forgotten item! Specifically, undergarments that fit appropriately with the outfit you're wearing
  • Comfortable shoes to walk in
  • Hairbrush, clips, scrunchies etc. - Don't be afraid to change up your hair mid-shoot!
  • An extra outfit option
  • Accessories
  • Water or snacks



  • All outfits purchased/picked out
  • All clothing is ironed or steamed and put on hangers
  • Undergarments for each outfit packed in bag
  • Accessories and shoes packed
  • Nail appointment completed
  • Make sure your schedule for the day of your session is cleared, you don't want to feel rushed or stressed!


  • Drink plenty of water!!
  • Get lots of sleep
  • Wash and dry your hair
  • Exfoliate your face and body
  • Use lotion


  • Eat a little something even if you're not hungry!
  • grab ALL of your clothes, shoes, accessories and undergarments
  • Leave with plenty of time, I recommend arriving a few minutes early to get settled and we can get to know each other beforehand, we will start shooting right on time!